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Our story

GNG Group started as a trading house in the year 1996 as GNG Trading Company Private Limited, which is now the holding company for the other companies of the group, namely GNG Power Systems Limited, GNG Technologies Limited and N & N Developers Limited. We believe that entrepreneurial and organizational capabilities can only be fractionally harnessed when the purpose is mere business. Sustainability of business over decades and centuries depends upon steady cumulative growth and the ability to harness the potential of our socio-economic environment. All our businesses are associated with the lives of millions of people in our country and help create capabilities, opportunities and betterment. Therefore, there are immense holistic synergies associated with our business model based on “Empowering Cumulative Growth” since we are intimately involved and committed to the mission of serving and improving the lives and welfare of all those associated with our business.                


With a humble beginning as a small trading company in 1996, the company entered in power T&D projects in 2001 with the help of small limits by Oriental Bank of commerce. We shifted to SBI in 2010 with enhanced limits & facilities. GNG limited till June 2015 had an impeccable record of completing all projects to 100%. We have worked with almost state electricity boards of North India for projects ranging from 5 crores to 50 crores. And through this journey of our growth, our banker State Bank of India supported us completely without which these achievements wouldn’t have been possible.”
By aligning our values with the objective of betterment of human lives of the masses especially in rural and semi-urban areas, we are strengthened by the trust and confidence reposed in us by millions. Our business model based on such belief and values is our humble contribution to the society of which we are also a participant. In our e-Governance activities in rural and remote areas, our business thrust based on our values, is not limited to delivery of government and business services and products alone, but rather extends to skill development and education for the rural masses through our unmatchable Public-Private Partnership (PPP) network of Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) and Citizen Service Centers (CSCs) at the very grass root level. Similarly, in our Power T&D business, we are driven by the desire to empower the masses in remote areas by providing them the basic amenity of electricity at homes, schools, healthcare centers, hospitals, farms and for village industries. This not only improves the lives of millions but also provides the means for sustainable development. Even our other projects in Power T&D contribute to the growth of the nation as electricity is a basic necessity for manufacturing, services as well as agricultural sectors.
Our intrinsic growth is therefore intimately linked with the growth of our nation and especially rural and semi-urban development. We are confident of the support of various government departments and authorities as our business is much in line with the state and national plans of every government in India. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Electrical Contracting: We ventured into Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Electrical Contracts in 2001. The major breakthrough came in 2003 with the award of a contract through competitive bidding. Thereafter, in 2004 we began undertaking large contracts in Rural Electrification and also executing other Utility Infrastructure Projects. So far we have executed power transmission and distribution projects of more than 2500 circuit kms covering more than 1500 villages which have directly or indirectly improved the lives of millions in semi urban and rural areas. From 2004 onwards we began sub-station construction, constructing 33 kV and 66 kV sub-stations in various states in India such as Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, J&K, etc. In 2011 we successfully completed a 220 KV bay-extension project of HSIIDC at Manesar, Haryana.       

Group Activities

GNG has been involved in diverse activities starting from Electrical Infrastructure, Agriculture, Waste Management, Real Estate. 

Electrical Infrastructure

GNG Limited is one of the pioneer companies in the field of electrical infrastructure creation. The company has worked on more than 40 projects covering more than 10 states in the country.

Agriculture & Waste Management

GNG Agritech & Waste Management is an initiative of GNG Group towards development of sustainable agriculture practices and environment friendly ways of waste management.

Real Estate

In last 4 years company has started to work in the field of real estate as well.

Trust built over 2 decades

Genesis of a new Generation

Our Expert Team

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S K Agarwal

Chairman & Managing Director

Neha Agarwal


Sean Black

CEO/ Vice President